Setting Win and Loss Limit Helps to Achieve Successful Gaming Experience

Tyler Durden

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Jul 2, 2016
Suppose you are playing craps in a casino and winning thousands of dollars in just few minutes. All of a sudden you will realize that all the people present their will become friendly to you, and will start cheering you. Definitely, your bets will start going higher and higher with each win. Just like other craps players if you also do not know when to quite the game you will continue to play the unless and until you fizzles out-left with the cash even less then what you started the game with.

Same is the case with online casinos as well as brick and mortal casinos, as players are not aware of when to quit the game and also how to manage their money properly. In simple words, we can say that they do not know to set the win loss limit when planning to gamble. Most of the people are not familiar with the importance of setting win loss limit, they do not realize that just by setting win loss limit they can save thousands of dollars and can also win huge amount. Here in this article we have described how to set these win loss limits.

Setting Win Limits
It’s not at all an easy job to quit the game when you are winning, but if you look at this point logically you will realize that the main point of gambling is to win some cash. Thus its sensible to pick your chips and walk away at any point of time during the session. Here the question arises that when is the right point to quite the game? The right point is the time when you win the cash equivalent to the predetermined win limit.

For example, you have $150 and you have set the limit of doubling this amount, then you will either quite the game as you win $300 or else you can exceed the win limit by $25. Suppose you play with the excess $25, then you only need to pay that money and then you can avoid touching the $300 on the side.

Setting a Loss Limit
Along with the win limit, you should also have a loss limit to avoid losing too much money on a bad night. There are a number of casino games where you have plenty of chances to lose the game and your money fast.

For instance, suppose you decided to start playing blackjack game with $200 and you do not want to loss more then 50% of the cash amount. Thus when you are left with only $100 then you can leave the casino. Although it does not give you sufficient time on the table but it helps you to save your bankroll for future gaming sessions. Some of the gamblers set their loss limit at $150, so that they can spend more time on table, but the fact is setting a higher loss limit will be of no use as it will only efeect your bankroll in adverse manner.

Sticking to Win/Loss Limits
Setting win/loss limit help you a lot to win the game but on the other hand, there are a number of players who are not strong enough to stick to their decision, these are those people who never win any amount or come close to breaking even in gambling.
Although it’s not easy to stick to the win loss limit while you are gambling but still try your best to stick to the win loss limit over long run, definitely you will yourself happy and successful at the end of the gaming session


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