Roulette Martingale Strategy

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Jul 2, 2016
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The Martingale strategy is one of the oldest roulette systems that is still used today by some players. Just a beginner my to have in the System found an opportunity to earn on the duration of safe money. In many forums on the Internet the Martingale strategy is referred to as unbeatable, but this is not true, will be an advanced player to quickly clear.
The Martingale strategy may, in some individual cases have resulted in multiple gains, but then a certain amount of luck was in the game or the circumstances in the Casino were optimally tailored to the strategy. So the Casino Limits play a major role for the odds of the Martingale strategy.

How does the strategy and what is the idea behind it?

The Martingale strategy is the name of the "doubling strategy" is known, and by now it should probably be a lot of players know what the Martingale strategy. The Basis of the strategy goes back to the simple idea that statistically, every second round in a simple Chance, if you take the Zero out of consideration. So, the player chooses one of the simple chances, and keeps track of during the game to take this Chance. Therefore, it does not matter whether you hit Red or Black, Odd or even, Low or High selects, you have a decision, you are this usually.

Doubling System (Martingale Strategy)

The System of the doubles comes into play, if you have made a loss. Should be in round 1 is a loss made, is placed in round 2 on the same simple Chance of the double. Should be another loss, the bet is doubled from round 2 in round 3. This is done until a round is won. You stand, then throws a glance on the account, you will notice that this is exactly the use out of the first round was plus. After the winning spin, the betting for the first round will be reset to "Zero" or the beginning of use.
Every Time you won a round according to this System, is capturing a profit from the beginning of use. The System looks at first glance quite sure, but, nevertheless, it has its gaps. On this we want to come back at a later date.​

An Example

To illustrate the Martingale System once, let's look at a simple example. We choose the color Black, and a starting bet of 2 euros for the use of the Martingale system.
In the first round, we put 2 euros on Black, not meeting our bet. In the second round of the bet must be doubled now. We put 4 Euro on Black and lose again. The bet is again doubled, and now we put 8 euros on Black. This Time our bet, and we can look forward to a 1:1 gain. In total, we get 16 Euro for a bet of 2 + 4 + 8 = 14 Euro. So, we have made our starting stake of 2 Euro profit.

Why does the Martingale strategy in the Long Run?

As a Long Run refers to a game way in the long run. In the long term, to be achieved with the Martingale strategy is a profit, but this is not sadly, why? In this strategy, there may be several reasons for this, which is the strategy to destroy. First of all, the legendary Zero of French roulette comes into play. This ensures that the gain is probably due to a simple Chance at 50 percent, but only 48.65 percent. You will not win in 50 percent of cases.
The second and probably more important criterion is the Limit of the Casinos, and the own financial resources. In a run of bad luck it can happen that the table limit is reached and you have to take a bitter loss. Or the whole of the money is used once, and you can't double the previously lost bet. In this Moment, the Martingale strategy is a failure. A working strategy for Roulette, with the secure income over a long period of time can be achieved, there is not so. You should have a look at Roulette as a gambling game and pastime, for which you must pay money to participate. You win once, you're.

History of the Martingale strategy

The history of the Martingale strategy goes back many years and found, for the first time at the gaming Pharo. The Name of the game is to go back to the king in the card game, which was often presented as a kind of Pharaoh. The king is in the game to the particularly auspicious, so that very often on him.

In Pharo the banker plays against up to four of your. Each player receives from the banker a book, so the 13 cards of one color than use of schema. Now the banker reveals two cards from the second deck. The first card is for the Bank. All bets on the card with the same value will be collected by the Bank. The point should have been placed on the value of the second card bet, the player wins in a ratio of 1:1. The stakes of not the met values remain and may be increased for the next round in the case of interest only.

Already in the 18th century. Century, the System in France for all kinds of good games popular, when there was a bet with a Chance to close to 50 percent. The most suitable was at that time still the widespread coin toss, which had exactly one chance of winning of 50 percent.