Progressive Jackpots

Tyler Durden

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Jul 2, 2016

Online casinos are considered to be fantastic fun by many of those who play – however, most of us are not just playing for fun, we’re also playing to win. If you’re one of those who is hoping that an online casino can help you claim a jackpot that could potentially change your life, then a progressive jackpot at a slot machine could be the solution for you.

Generally speaking, you’re highly unlikely to win hundreds of thousands of dollars using roulette or blackjack. However, the payouts with progressive slots can counter this.

What exactly are progressive jackpots on slot machines?
With most slot machines, jackpots are fixed. However, with progressive slots, the jackpot you can receive will rise as you place further coins into the machine and select further spins. That’s because a small percentage of each coin that is played is used to add to the jackpot.

What are the different types of progressive slots?
There are three different types of progressive jackpots on slot machines:

- Stand-alone progressives: A stand-alone progressive features a jackpot for each game – but only wagers that are made on that machine will feed the jackpot. However, in the world of online casinos this is not so usual because most slot machines are linked together.

- Local progressives: The next stage of progressive slots was local progressives which feature a dozen machines, or thereabouts, within a specific casino. Jackpots on these games are usually less than $1,000,000 – and in some cases they may be less than $100,000.

- Wide network progressives: This is the most outstanding form of progressive jackpots found on casinos working together in different states or provinces. Wide area networks will link multiple casinos and allow jackpots to accumulate across an area. As such, they can often reach $10million or more.

How can you win progressive jackpots on slot machines?
There is no select strategy that can increase your chance of winning progressive jackpots. In fact, the odds of winning are akin to the odds of picking up a lottery victory. As usual therefore, the more you play, the greater your chance of winning: but of course, the more you play, the more you risk too.

What about progressive jackpots at online casinos?
Many online casinos use slot machine games provided by certain providers – such as Microgaming As you have one provider supplying its games to several different online casinos you are able to enjoy the same progressive formula. As lots of players are playing worldwide, the jackpot is slowly increasing – and these jackpots can become just as large as they would be in Las Vegas or any other gambling city.