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Mar 30, 2017

General requirements

The PlayFortuna Casino, is kindly asking players to get acquainted with the present rules and regulations. Make sure you understand them and agree with the content of the requirement. And only after that register and start playing.

A player should not share (his/her) account with the third parties, or allow anyone to play the game using (his/her) account.

Any physical person has the right to own solely one playing account. The PlayFortuna Casino Administration reserves the right to amend, update and modify the rules and the requirements.

The PlayFortuna Casino Administration shall determine its solely rights as follows:

• Casino Administration reserves the right to conduct additional checks in case of suspected violation of the Casino rules, as well as to verify the user's identity and payment data;

• The Casino Administration has the right to cancel this proposition without notifying a player;

• Casino Administration has the right to adjust all the disputes with regard to the bets or claiming the prize. The administration's decision will be ultimate and mandatory;

• Making a deposit on an account or drawing out money a Player must use only his /her personal financial accounts (including credit / debit cards);

• In the event player is found out to use other peoples accounts (including accounts of relatives and friends) without permission of the PlayFortuna Casino, the Administration reserves the right to cancel his/her account and / or revoke his/her winnings;

• The Financial Department of the PlayFortuna Casino is entitled to withhold any payment or winning amount till the verification of player's identity in order to ensure that the prize is applied to an appropriate person. The Casino Administration has the right to request at the sole discretion a Player to provide the Casino with a notarized ID or any equal certified document, according to the current law of his/her jurisdiction;

• The Casino Administration reserves the right to obtain the confirmation about Player's age at any time. In some cases, we perform the verification process of Players' personal data. Such a procedure shall be mandatory in case a player makes a deposit via a credit card. In the event a player is found to be involved in illegal, fraudulent or improper activity as well as in case he/she does not follow the requirements of the Casino, the Administration has the right to revoke or to block a Players account. However, we have no obligation to redeem or compensate Players funds on his/her account.

• The U.S. citizens are not allowed to access the Casino. The Administration prohibits the Casino access to its staff, employees of partner programs and providers who render services related to the Casino activities. This rule applies equally to employees and their families. Violation of the present rule is considered to be a fraud.

Unfortunately, the citizens of some countries don’t have an access to the Microgaming games. This list includes following countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, USA and United Kingdom. In addition, the partial restrictions imposed on the citizens of some other countries: USA, Israel, Turkey, Cuba, Iran, Burma, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, South Africa. The Dark Knight slot machine isn’t available for the residents of these regions.

Pay out
Minimum withdrawal amount is $10 or equivalent in another currency, for credit cards payments minimum withdrawal amount is $20. Applying for withdrawal (notwithstanding the method of payment and the currency used) the sum of the money withdrawn shall be indicated in account currency.

To withdraw money from the PlayFortuna Casino, a player must enter the correct details in accordance with the requirements of payment method used. A player must reassure that a payment method he/she chooses complies with the method which was used for making a deposit. In accordance with the PlayFortuna Casino rules, cash payments will be carried out using the recharge method (with the exception of the deposits made up via sms) in case the PlayFortuna Casino administration does not offer other options.

The sum of player's bets must be greater than the sum of his/her deposits at least three times. If you don't follow this rule, we reserve the right to deduct 5% commission from the amount you withdraw, also from the gaming account will be debited all funds received by the means of free spins, bonuses and simulated points.

All withdrawal requests are carried out within 24 hours from the time of application from 8.00 till 17.00 CET on condition this period does not fall on weekends ( Saturday and Sunday) or on holidays. The terms specified do not include the cases when a player must verify the information he /she provided the Play Fortune Casino with. In this case payment period starts not from the date of application, but from the moment of successful player's documents check.

In case a Player deposits money via SMS, application processing for a withdrawal will be carried out within 2 working days after payment data verification. Sms deposits verification will be carried out within 7 - 10 working days from the moment last sms deposit was made. Attention! In case the verification of data on SMS-payments shows the presence of Hold (Hold) or Fraud (Fraud) payments, the financial department has the right to ask a Player for a detailed statement of cash flow on his/her account from which SMS payments were performed. A Player is required to provide subscriber information (data about a subscriber).This information is to be provided by a cellular operator. This information should be provided by a Player in non-editable file format (*. Jpg, *. Pdf, etc.).

Allocation of a players sms payments will start when the financial department receives all the correct data from him/her. Allocation may take up to 2 months.That is why for the purpose of avoiding the status Hold, please make sure that your phone account always stays at positive balance.

Otherwise, the sum of winning will be divided into several payoffs which will be made within a few working days.

Withdrawal terms of winnings.
Performing an obligations to ensure the highest quality of customer service, Play Fortuna casino administration is trying its best to handle the player's withdrawal requests quickly and efficiently.

Casino's Financial Department processes all winning withdrawal requests on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00 CET within 2 working days. In general all withdrawal requests are carried out on the same day a player makes a request on condition it is a weekday. If a player needs to pass the verification process, the moment a player was verified shall be considered to be the beginning of the withdrawal.

Withdraw applications are processed in turn. On working days payoff is made within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the application, except events when it cannot be made because of the technical reasons which do not depend on Play Fortuna.


Player verification.
In some cases, to withdraw the winnings the administration can request additional information. In this case, a player should pass through the verification. This procedure is compulsory if a player makes a deposit via

SMS or credit card.

Verification will take up to 7 working days, if a player has made a deposit via SMS. In all other cases, the procedure will take two working days. The day all required copies of the documents from the player are received shall be considered the day of the beginning of the verification.

To provide the maximum safety of players and their payments, the administration of Play Fortuna has the right to request additional information from a player for verification. In this case, a player must send readable copies of his passport or any other identity document (scans and photos). If a player makes a deposit using a credit card or a deposit one, the administration may request a copy of the front side of this card (scan or photo).

Administration of Play Fortuna is very serious about the security and confidentiality of the players. We are committed to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data that you may play gambling games on our site with pleasure. To ensure maximum security of transmitted documents copies, send them with a special marking, which makes impossible to use them further except the addressee they are sent.

In case any questions about the withdrawal arise, please, refer to the financial manager of the casino at the following address

Interaction with the player
Registering at the PlayFortuna Casino, a Player agrees with the fact that there is a presence of money risk as well as he/she confirms he/she agrees that the PlayFortuna Casino declines all responsibilities for any financial losses. A Player is the only party which is responsible for the legality of consumer gaming service under the laws of his/her jurisdiction. Registering at the PlayFortuna Casino, a Player acknowledges that he is an adult, because the Casino games are permitted only to users over 18 or Players of legal age under current legislation of their country.

The PlayFortuna Casino Administration reserves the sole right to request additional information for the verification of the Players identity, in order to confirm this information and with the purpose of ensuring maximum payments safety. When a Player is required to pass the verification process, he/she must provide the PlayFortuna Casino with readable copies of the following documents: a copy of the first turn of the passport (scanned / photographed) or any other Player's identification document. Making a deposit via credit card (Visa / MasterCard) a Player must present a scanned / photographed copy only of a front face of the credit card. Verification is a one-time procedure. In case a payment is made via virtual credit card a Player must provide the Casino with a screen copy of administrative panel of the service used. Full credit card number, the account holder's name and confirmation of successfully completed transaction should be clearly seen on this screen copy. The PlayFortuna Casino Administration may ask a Player to fill out a form in which he/she confirms the fact being the owner of the credit card as well as the transfer is made by his/her will.

Bonus policy rules
By the PlayFortuna Casino rules a Player (one e-mail, one credit card, one IP-address, from which the game is played) can participate in each of the promotions only ones. A player can have only one active account to play for real money.

If it appears that the player has more than one real money account all the current winnings will be canceled. If the PlayFortuna Casino Administration finds any discrepancies in the name of the account holder and the name of credit card holder with which the deposit was made all winnings will be nullified.

The only party involved in the design, implementation and management of promotional offers is the department of promotions. The PlayFortuna Casino Promotional mailing, which comes to e-mail address is intended only for a Player, forwarding this information to third parties is strictly prohibited. If the receiving party does not own the PlayFortuna casino account, all promotional offers listed in the newsletter are invalid. The PlayFortuna Casino Promotional Department reserves the sole right to alter the content of the promotional offers and terms of use without prior notifications. Players who violate the terms and conditions of promotional offers will be disqualified.

The PlayFortuna Casino bonuses divided into two categories: the bonus on your deposit and a bonus without making deposit. The deposit bonuses are awarded for making a deposit. The amount of the deposited bonus depends on the size of the deposit made by a Player.

To withdraw funds gained from the free spins for a Deposit, is required to make 5 times the bets of the Deposited amount, for which the free spins were issued. Winnings from the free spins for a Deposit are being immediately credited to the real account and can be used in bets. Winnings from a no Deposit free spins, will be credited to the bonus account and is used under the rules of bonus account usage as described in this section and subject to wagering according to conditions of a particular action.

In the interests of fair play, wagering factor is set on most types of bonuses. Before the bonus is credited to a real account player cannot bet on the bonus money, or to withdraw them. Bonus will be credited to a real account immediately after a player meets all wagering conditions, commit a certain number of bets for an amount exceeding the size of bonus several times. The bonus does not limit the possibility of withdrawal from the account at any time. If there is a bonus, any real money winnings are credited to the real money account. If the withdrawal request is set by the player before the wagering requirements, the bonus will be canceled and the player gets the full amount from the real money account.

All accrued bonuses have a shelf life of 30 days from the date of accrual. If the bonus is not fully wagered by the player at the appropriate time, it will be cancelled.

Bonus cancellation is understood as a complete write-off from player's account, as well as the partial cancellation of the wagering on this bonus, if the wagering was the place to be. After bonus cancellation due to the time limit, player's next bets start wagering the next bonus in the queue, if any, in the queue for the wagering.

If a Player would make a withdrawal, having on the account bonus that has not been wagered, the bonus will be nullified. Bonus considered to be used in case of implementation by the Player of the established requirements for this bonus wagering. A Player can not get multiple deposit bonuses on the same deposit, except when participating in special promotions, rules which are announced separately.

If the Administration suspects a player in the fraudulent or unfair use of bonus policy, PlаyFоrtunа casino reserves the right to deny such a player from receiving bonus or cancel bonus from his/her account. In such a case, the Administration in its sole discretion may limit players access to the casino or to freeze his/her account. Based on the decision of the PlayFortuna Casino any player can be disconnected from the bonus without explanation of the reason.

Refund/Cancellation Policy
Please note that all of our products are being consumed instantly when you start playing. Refund, cancellation of your service and return of the goods cannot be carried out during the game.

The money will be taken from your player account instantly as soon as you start playing the real money game.

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