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Jul 2, 2016
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Slot machines are with visitors from online casinos are very popular because they promise a often enough a small or even large profit. In addition, to understand that slot machines in General, rather simple and even self-explanatory. But even if you have to be a genius to play at a slot machine, there are still some concepts, which are likely to be new.

So you are not overwhelmed slot machines, should such a notion, suddenly, on the Display, can be found in our Glossary. Before you can enjoy yourself or even while at the slot machines, you should familiarize yourself with the key terms of the slot machines familiar to.

Bonus rounds/features Bonus rounds.jpg
Bonus rounds, often, bonus games or free games called, especially in newer slot machines. It is usually free spins and click Me games, which can be used to increase his profit. Meanwhile, most of the Slots have the so-called free games. After the appearance of a certain image (e.g., three books, and Book of Ra) will be credited the free spins, and is usually started immediately.
A certain number of rounds is then at the expense of their own Budgets, but is paid by the Casino. Often, the values which the individual images are in the bonus round increases a little.

Payout lines Payout lines.png
The winning lines can decide which symbols, where the reels pay out a winning pay-lines, and often win lines that show the possible winning combinations on a slot machine. In the case of slot machines, it is for a profit is necessary, that the icon on the left-most reel for the first Time.

The same Symbol is on the payline more Times, an even greater profit. In General, a win is three of the same symbols in a row on a pay line and at four or five, it comes to a big win. Payout lines can have each game a different number, and in General, you can set how many profit you want to play lines. In a modern slot machine casino like Eurogrand, you can find very many Slots with different number of paylines.

Wild Symbols Wild Symbols.jpg
The Wild symbols are the players always very welcome. You are the Joker of the slot machine and can be replaced by other symbols, in order to obtain the best possible winning combination.

You already have two of the same symbols in a row, and third of all, the Wild Symbol will act Wild icon as the same icon to form a 3-Symbol winning combination. In the case of most slot machines is, it is a Wild Symbol and a few of the Games have Wild and Scatter symbols grouped together.

Payout percentages Payout percentages.png
The payout odds are not in mind for most of the players so much. In real Casinos, you are fixed by law and, therefore, always in an acceptable range. In Online Casinos, these are generally better here, but there is the possibility that the payout percentage of favorite slot machines to find out. The payout percentages, how much percent of the jobs are paid, on average, back – detailed information can be found here.

A slot machine is for the Casino finally, for money. The slot machine must pay out less money than you. This does not apply, of course, for each individual player. So player A can still make a loss of 50 Euro and the following player B 45 Euro can be paid. A win is a slot machine in a game is always possible, in the long run you will lose.

Progressive Slot Machines progressive slots.jpg
Progressive slot machines are at players very popular. They offer the possibility of a large Jackpot that accumulates over a long period of time. You can only benefit from own lost rounds of a game, the players, other slot machines with the same game contribute to the big Jackpot.

Of every losing bet is a small part goes into the Jackpot so that it increases gradually. At some point, it is ready for you and a Lucky progressive slot machine wins the accumulated money. In Casinos this is often several Thousand euros, while you can win in Online Casinos Jackpot of several million euros.

Roll Reels.jpg
Reels is the English name for the reels on which the winning symbols to find nThe rolls are at the heart of every slot machine. Earlier the reels were mechanical and were driven to the part, even mechanically. Meanwhile, the technology is so far that all the games are played only in digital form. On the screen is often selected even with a touch screen, a game and the Software starts. Most of the slot machines today to five of the reels side by side, so that in a winning line of five symbols. The rollers are rotated with each game longer or shorter. Automatically the reels from the left to the right a little offset, but you can pause with a click of the right Button, the reels manually.

Risk games Slots Risk games.jpg
With the risk to play and win heads you can increase its profits or even lose risk games nowadays, there are also many slot machines. The risk game is for the player are often quite tempting. The profit in the case of three simple the same symbols is mostly the same that you use for the round. You want to make a profit, you can choose the risk game. Here, the player has the Chance to double with a 50:50 Chance of winning or losing. Many players think that you can beat the machine with a little skill, but it is at the risk of playing a pure coincidence, and not to predict. After each win you have the option of a risk game. Often a mini game starts where a red or black card is revealed.