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Online blackjack tournaments

Discussion in 'BlackJack' started by BLIND, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. BLIND

    BLIND Active Member
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    Jul 31, 2017
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    Online blackjack tournaments are offered at a variety of online casinos in a couple of different formats. The first and simplest format is one in which all participants are given a stack of chips to start with and a time limit, and the player with the biggest stack at the end of the time limit wins.


    A newer format that is gaining popularity is known as elimination blackjack. Most commonly found at Microgaming and RTG casinos, elimination blackjack tournaments also begin with every player receiving a starting stack. Each player makes a bet on every round, but after the conclusion of certain rounds, the player with the smallest stack is eliminated. This continues until there is only one player left.

    At Casino Listings, we have the world's most comprehensive casino tournament information, helping you keep track of the latest current and upcoming blackjack tournaments. If blackjack tournaments are your thing, then bookmark this page and check back regularly because it is updated automatically whenever new tournaments come online.

    • Online blackjack tournament notes:
    • Rows coloured green indicate that the casino tournament has already started. Often you can still join in!
    • The Cryptologic and Microgaming casinos all have a limit on the amount of time you can play during the tournament, so use it wisely.
    • All Microgaming casinos with tournaments (such as Blackjack Ballroom, All Slots, or Crazy Vegas) run scheduled tournaments for smaller prizes at all hours of the day, not all of which are listed here. They also run sit-and-go slots tournaments which start as soon as the minimum number of players have registered.
    • Betsson uses an "equalized payout system" to determine the winners, ignoring bet size. You don't even have to enter - simply play the nominated games with real money during tournament hours, and players are automatically ranked according to the amount won per unit wagered over their best 20 consecutive wagers.
    • We don't list online casino tournaments where the winners are determined by the amount wagered over a time period, or accumulation of comp points. We feel they are not fair to all players, they may encourage irresponsible gambling, and frankly, they are just lame attempts by the casinos to encourage players to lose far more than the prize on offer.
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