BetSoft Gaming Max Quest has appeared! Betsoft has launched a new era-introduction, Guide and strategy to the game

Tyler Durden

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Jul 2, 2016
The Wait has finally come to an end, it is here! You've probably heard of the Revolution in Online Casino games by Betsoft with Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, haven't you? We also announced it in our News a few weeks ago. This is a completely new combination of Slot, RPG and Shooter with Multiplayer experience. But even if you listen to Max Quest for the first time, no Problem! We give a detailed introduction to the Gameplay, the game strategy and all the info about this game Hit, which will change Online Casinos forever.


What Betsoft has created with Max Quest is a Revolution in Slots-the Gameplay
"To find out how the winning strategy looks and in which online Casinos you can play Max Quest, read on."
Casino players are wondering if Max Quest can be called a Slot at all! It is clear that what game developer Betsoft has managed here, has not too much to do with classic slot machines. It is more reminiscent of a video game and so it is also suitably called by Betsoft as a bridge between casino games and video games.

So what's up with Max Quest? The Gameplay can be described as a kind of Shooter with RPG elements, including Multiplayer function! They shoot their way through Egyptian burial chambers with all sorts of weapons with up to 5 players. You wonder now, where did the gambling lag? That's what it's all about: the munitions for the guns are bought with real money, that's their stake. And the monsters, mummies and beetles they kill, throw bare profits that end up on your account! The amount of winnings is based on a random mode, which can be compared to Slots.

But that's not all! In search of the Treasures of the Egyptian deities, maintain your own personal Avatar that you have created yourself. This can rise through XP (experience points)and become stronger. To do this, you need to collect better and better weapons that will give you more and more rewards! In order to make an impression of the Max Quest, you can play the game here now for free.

To find out how the winning strategy looks and in which online Casinos you can play Max Quest, read on.

Special weapons, Quests and rankings-this is how Betsoft successfully plays Max Quest
We now know how Max Quest works from the game principle. But there are also many Extras that are important for a successful strategy.
  • Special weapons: you start with Max's Quest with a standard gun, but there are some special weapons that squeeze more profits out of their opponents: a Shotgun, a Laser, a Machinegun, grenades that hit multiple enemies at once and more. You can either find these weapons by chance or buy them. You are, so to speak, the free games at Max Quest. By the way: at Max Quest, every shot hits, so you won't waste precious bullets!
  • Quests: Quests are tasks that players can accomplish in-game, ranging from light to heavy. For this, of course, there are juicy rewards for the player.
  • Leaderboards: Max Quest has leaderboards! The XP to rise in level of play and at the same time, in the Ranking on the leaderboards. The best players on the list get Extra profits!
  • Bonus games: in addition to Multiplayer, there are other Bonus Extras at Max Quest. The fire opponents and gods resurrection. These endbosses throw off particularly high prizes and other rewards for you!
Together with their companions, they fight the bosses, in order to divide up the found treasures just among themselves.
With all these Extras, the RTP of the game is respectable 96%. But above all, Max Quest is simply incredibly fun! With its video game character, social aspect in Multiplayer and role-playing elements, you can rightly say that Betsoft has revolutionized the Online Casino. This experience should not be missed by a casino player!