How Bingo Game has Evolved from Beano to Modern Bingo Games

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Jul 2, 2016
Bingo, one of the popular games at ancient bingo parlors and modern online bingo websites was initially known with the name of Beano. The name Beano was given to this game because; at that time dried beans were being used to play the game, instead of using tokens.


The dried beans were being used for covering the numbers, on cards that are recognized as tickets of Bingo game in modern times.

Where to Play Online Bingo

Change in Name of Game
During 19th century, bingo games were originally named as keno. In fact, some of the illegal keno lottery operators have conflated the two different names as bingo and keno. They have used this confusion to show the legal authorities of government that keno is not a lottery game. The reason for this is that legal authorities have given permission for conducting bingo games but not lotteries. The ultimate result was that the game that was played with playing cards, live calling of different numbers and tokens had ended with call of Bingo. On the other hand, the game, in which fictionalized horses had been represented with spots or numbers on the marked off cards and then had been checked for results, it was called as Keno.

Origin of Bingo Game in Italy
Most of the players associated with online gambling activities had agreed that the game of Bingo was actually started as one of the popular games of Italy. The game was ironically evolved from the popular game of Lotto. The word ‘Lotto’ refers to destiny or fate in Italy. The first Lotto was used at the time of botched and corrupt election in one of the city of Italy. At that time, Lotto had become the new means for selection of desired leaders. Numbers were selected in random manner, and the person holding that number would be considered as the new leader. Therefore, we can say that outcome was solely based on fate.

Bingo Game across Europe
After the origin of Bingo game in Italy, the game had came in France. Now, in France, the name of bingo was further changed to Le Lotto. On every Saturday, French players still enjoy the game of Le lotto in the similar manner as we play the Bingo games in online and land-based casinos today. During 1800s, Italian originated bingo game was popular in Europe. At that time, the most popular form of Bingo has incorporated division of bingo card into 100 squares such that each of the cards will have three horizontal rows along with nine rows in vertical. Each of the three horizontal rows have incorporated five squares containing the numbers, while remaining 4 were filled with black.

The called numbers had been printed on wooden chips and after that they were tossed inside the bag. The main aim of the game is to quickly cover one among 3 horizontal rows with the help of wooden chips. These cards had also incorporated blank squares, which were more or less similar to the free squares found in the cards of modern Bingo game.

Bingo Games of Today
The modem bingo games are available in various formats and variants along with their online version. Apart from the traditional versions, Bingo game is also considered as basis for online games sold from licensed lotteries.

Demographics of Bingo Game
“The Bingo Bugle” has been considered as one among the famous newsletter for all enthusiasts of bingo games. This newsletter has revealed that today, because of the online version, the popularity of these games have increased drastically among the worldwide players.


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