Gambling Addiction, Depression, Suicide etc


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Aug 20, 2017
Our own thoughts become part of the problem.
That's why seeking an objective opinion is crucial. Being lost alone in the forest can be scary, we need guidance from someone who has an informed view of things. Some one who can help us sort out the forest from the trees. Often when we are in a panic we miss vital clues that can show us the way through the woods. And the way out is often a lot simpler than we realise.

Have you considered?
  • Financial advice Legal advice
  • Contacting a Gambling Help counsellor
  • Contacting a close friend
  • Visiting your doctor
  • speaking to your minister/priest
  • Where you are now may be a dark and scary place, but nothing stays the same forever.

You have come to where you are through a process of events - it didn't just happen 'out of the blue'. It was a process of changes that occurred throughout your life that got you to where you are now, and it will be a process of changes that will get you out. You may say today, "I am a problem gambler", but would this statement have been true when you were 3 years old? Of course not! You've changed - and believe it or not you are still changing.

If you were not changing gambling would mean the same to you as it did when you had your first experience of it. The fact that you are reading this page is evident that you are no longer happy with gambling - your life is changing. That's what life is, a process of change.

Change is inevitable
Consider an object as static and lifeless as the chair you are sitting on. Do you think it has never been anything else? Do you think it will never be anything else? Have you considered what this chair was 100 years ago or even 10 years ago? And what will it be in another 100 years?

Now that's just a chair. How much more are you than a simple chair, and how much more you are than just a 'Problem Gambler'? What else are you; a parent, a sibling, wife, husband, son, daughter, teacher, plumber, chef, a joker, a lover? Consider all the things that you are, and all the things you want to be.