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Gamblers Advocates

Discussion in 'Gambling addiction' started by Bonus Hunter, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. Bonus Hunter

    Bonus Hunter Member
    Trusted user

    Jan 23, 2018
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    I was just literally doing nothing and figured I would attempt to start a new topic pertaining to something I am completely new to learning about and am sure many other gamblers are as well , The 3rd Party Negative Database .

    What exactly is it.... I don't really f*ccin know, all I know of them or it ; is that they have the power to get you blocked from reputable internet casinos with whom you may have built relationships with over a span of years in a matter of minutes. I mean you could be literally gambling with real money you deposited at a casino you have played at for years and then out of no where be "disconnected" mid-spin and when you attempt to re-log in, you see your account has been locked.

    Then your receiving emails stating every deposit you ever made with said casino is being refunded within the next 24 hours( wish cashing out at casinos received the same immediate attention ) and for reasons listed on a 3rd party negative database your account is closed indefinitely.

    Then to make matters even more confusing , you attempt to chat with support and inquire info towards the " negative entry " and are told they cannot tell you what is listed against you...wtf. Keeping the roller coaster of dumb moving along , 4 months later the same thing happens at another casino you have been loyal to for years. One second your spinning and all is well , the next second your a unwelcome " risk " being told " sorry but unfortunately once your in the database we really don't want to help or know you , but have a bad day sir " . Come the third casino account closing you finally get a miniscule shred of a hint as to what is on that negative posting and the surrounding reason is mind blowing. You're asked if you know 3 complete strangers by name ( at least this was the case for me ) and once you state you have never herd of them are told that
    in fact you do know them and are associated with them in a negative way. . . and that is where it ends as far as you finding out what is really put on that negative entry, how you can go about clearing this crap up, any possibility of you reopening your accounts , etc. I wanted to see if this site can be the gamblers advocate in this sort of situation cuz really most of the people who gamble online don't have connections that can find out or solve some sh!t like this. In reality most if not all gamblers who are falsely accused od " negative " activity end up just accepting the lie about them and crossing their fingers that any remaining accounts they may have don't close in the future. I don't know if any other gamblers out there feel the same way but when I gamble I am looking for a few things... a win and some appreciation for my patronage and loyalty to the establishment. The win part might not always come but the appreciation part
    damn better well come every time that loading wheel disappears and says welcome back to the casino. To be told your a risky customer when all you have done is literally help the casino support
    and co.
    make a living of you're deposits is f*ccing lame and sh!t has to be done. Sorry in advance for attempting to use hash profanity but the choice words are used to imply the level of severity in the situation
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  3. Big daddy

    Big daddy Member
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    Nov 27, 2017
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    All I can say is I have been gambling online since the onset and have never even heard or know anything you are talking about! Anyway, hope things turn out better for you:)
  4. Businessman

    Businessman Member
    Trusted user

    Sep 19, 2017
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    I have seen a good number of complaints about this over the years and IMO the player should be made aware of the circumstances . I haven't the faintest clue as to why its kept secret 8'|

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