Different Color of Poker Chips Revel Different Story

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Jul 2, 2016
Poker chips looks like a toy chip made up of plastic for small kids, but they represent money on the poker table. Although they look ordinary what they millions or even billions when they are placed on the poker table.


Casinos do not allows players to play to bet hard cash on any of the casino game instead they takes money from the players and provides them these plastic chips of similar value and players need to play with these chips only. These chips are found in various amazing colors, they represent money on the poker table and each chip has different value, which is been denoted on the chip.

Poker chips are made up of some very complex substance, thus it is very difficult to make duplicate of these chips. The process of making these chips is a trade secret, that the casino does not revel to any one, so as to ensure the safety of the casino.

In U.S., the colors that are frequently used to make poker coins are red, pink, white, purple, green, blue and black, each of these colors denote some amount on the poker table. For instance purple stands for $500, the highest denominations of casino. Highest denomination various with the popularity of casino, like many casino sin Las Vegas have highest denomination of $100 denoted by orange or yellow color chips. Whereas there are other casinos who allows denomination from $5,000 to $25,000. The colors of these chips are changed from time to time.

Previously in 60s and 70s poker chips were made up of clay, but with change in time, the look of these chips also changed and today the poker are made up of some durable material so as to increase their life span, and they are also available in variety of colors.

How to buy casino chips:
First, decide that what material you want to buy, you are not very conscious about the quality then its better to get light weighted plastic. They are easily available and are generally cheap and durable.

Next step is contemplate the design, design of poker chips vary with the color, there are solid color chips and multi color chips made up of 2-3 colors, there are also some poker chips that has some sort of designs on it. You can select the design of you choice but make sure that whatever design you choose must last long.

The last and the final step is to decide the number of chips you need to buy. In case of poker chips, you have the option to buy set of 500 or 300 chips; other then this set of 1,000 chips is also available. If you require more customized numbers, then you can buy set of 200,400,650 and 700 chips.

Number of chips you are required to buy also depends on the type of poker game you want to play, if you want to play Texas Hold 'Em Poker having 7 players or more then you should buy set of 500 chips as in this game a player must have minimum of 35 poker chips and maximum 100 chips so as to play the game in a proper manner.

Now you must be very clear about what all things you need to consider while buying poker chips. It becomes comparatively very easy to shop for more when you upgrade the number of chips with you, always keep one thing in mind that as the number of players increase continuously, its better to have more poker chips.



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