Casino Studies Revels that Apes are Good Gamblers

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Jul 2, 2016
As far as casino gaming is concerned, it revels a lot of challenging behavioral patterns shown by players. Its truly said, its not astonishing to know that way researchers are making their study on gaming from years. You will be amaze to know that the study conducted by a number of people has reveled some of the very astonishing facts reading gambling as well as gamblers.


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Apes are Good at Gambling
Have you every heard that apes can gamble? Yes its true. As per a recent study conducted on casinos it was found that apes not only know how to gamble but at the same time they are very good in that. This conclusion was given by the researchers of Max Planck Institute, Psycholinguistics here made there study after putting together a number of apes and then conducting a series of betting rounds for them. In every ground, apes were provided with two gaming options first they can either go for a small piece of fruit or gamble for a big piece by selecting upside-down cups that had been shuffled.

In order to make the test even more interesting researchers who conducted the test added some more upside-down cups, so as to make the future betting rounds risky. When this change was made, apes started picking the guaranteed fruit, as they knew that now there odds of wining has decreased.

Online Gaming lowers Stress
People who are against casino gaming state that, players and their respective families feel more stress when they loss huge amount of money. On the contrary, as per a research study conducted by Oxford University and McGill University it was found that online gambling is one of the best means to overcome stressful situation and it also help players in breaking their usual stereotype, which they commonly held.

As per the study conducted by Oxford University, it was found that people who are actually suffering from sever post-traumatic stress syndrome are highly benefited by enjoying online gambling. Moving forwards the research conducted by Montreal’s McGill University reveled that the hormone named cortisol, which is responsible for raising blood pressure and anxiety significantly drops down while enjoying online casino games. The reason behind this is that while enjoying online gaming players focus more on the game rather then on the stress generated due to work or bills. Online roulette is a game where players an relax and at the same time can earn huge amount of profit.

Winning More Poker Hands means Less Profit
If I ask you which is better, to win more poker hands or less? The most common answer will be more poker hands. However, Kyle Siller, student of Cornell University came up with an absolutely different answer. He reached to his conclusion point after analyzing more than twenty-five million poker hands. After completing his analyzes, he came to the conclusion that players who actually win hands also loss more amount of money during the long run.

The actual reason behind this is that usually players oversize the small pots they win, and at the same time they undervalue the bigger pot they lose. After that, players usually happy happy after winning a huge number of small pots and do not prefer to win small number if big pots.

Internet Users love Online Gaming
In the recent times, online casinos have acquired huge popularity among players. There are a number of driving forces behind this popularity such as online casinos offer wide variety of casino games and they are well designed. Above all, players can enjoy online casino game sin a number of platforms such as on their computer systems, laptop and mobiles phones.


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