Casino Glossary

Tyler Durden

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Jul 2, 2016
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– The dealer in a game of Baccarat.

Bankroll – Money used for wagering at a casino.

Betting Structure – The set of rules for a casino game.

Blank – A card that is of no value to a player.

Bust – Having a hand that exceeds 21 points in Blackjack.

Chase – Placing another bet to offset a loss.

Free Chip – Bonus money given to a player for use in an online casino. Free chips do not require the player to deposit funds.

Fruit Machine – Another word for a classic-styled slot machine. The term comes from the original machines that paid out with fruit-flavored chewing gum.

Hand – The cards a player is dealt.

House Edge – When a casino has higher odds of winning over a player, the game has a house edge. “Let’s play Blackjack. It has a lower house edge.”

High Roller – A casino player who makes large bets.

Hole Card – The face-down card the dealer gets in a game of Blackjack.

Inside Bet – In Roulette, inside bets are wagers placed on a single number (which pays 35:1) or on a small cluster of side-by-side numbers, such as 6-7-8.

Jackpot – A big win from a slot machine.

Kicker – In video poker, the kicker is the extra card that isn’t part of a winning set. “I had a flush and an Ace kicker.”

Match Bonus – Bonus money that requires a player to deposit funds in an online casino. The amount matched varies. For example, a 100% match bonus on a $200 deposit would pay out $200. A 50% match bonus on a $200 deposit would pay out $100.

Minimum Deposit – The lowest amount of money you can wager in a game.

Natural – A two-card hand that equals 21 in Blackjack. Also used to describe a two-card hand that equals eight or nine in Baccarat.

One-Armed Bandit – Another word for a slot machine.

Outside Bet – In Roulette, outside bets are wagers placed on big clusters of numbers, such as betting on 1 to 18, betting on 19 to 36, betting on red or black, betting on even or odd, betting on dozens, betting on full columns.

Pair – Two cards of the same rank. “I won with a pair of Aces.”

Payline – Symbols must line up in winning combinations on a slot machine’s payline in order to win. For example: Three cherries landing on a payline results in a win.

Playthrough – A playthrough is the amount of money a player needs to wager in order to collect a promotional bonus in an online casino.

Pot – The money that can be won in a casino game or a round of poker.

Progressive Jackpot – A winnable pot in a slot game that increases in value every time a person plays the game. Progressive jackpots can be game-specific, or can be linked between a network of different games.

Racino – A casino that also offers live horse racing.

Reel – A reel is the vertical line that symbols spin on in slot machines. Online slot games typically have three or five reels.

RNG – Random Number Generator: Computers that use algorithms to randomly generate a number that determines the positions and landing points of slot game reels.

RTP – Return to Player: A percentage that indicates how often a player will win. If the RTP is 100%, the player and casino have equal odds of winning.

Shoe – The device used by a dealer to hold multiple decks of cards.

Surrender – Giving up an unwanted hand in Blackjack and getting back half of your bet.