A Guide to Free Spins

Tyler Durden

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Jul 2, 2016
Everyone likes a freebie, so you don’t need to scratch your head for too long to work out why free spins are among the most popular promotions and bonuses offered by new online casinos.


They are given away to entice casino players to join a site, or to reward them for their loyalty, but how can you get more of them? If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you need to know the ins and outs of free spins. New Casinos wants to teach you, so read this guide to get a real grasp on free spins. The best online casinos are giving an extra 20 to 50 Free Spins just for signing up with them and up to a few hundreds on your very first deposits.

But there are a few things to have in mind, not every free spins offering is as generous as it sounds. Our little disclaimer before we really launch into this guide is to take the time to do your research by reading our reviews. Lets have a quick run down on Free Spins

No Deposit or After Registration Free Spins
These free spins are given to you without the need to make a deposit. To get them, all you need to do is create an account on a casino that offers them, and they are added straight to your account. We recommend no deposit free spins as a way to try a new online casino without having to commit to a large deposit. You can explore and play more of the games without depleting you bank roll.

Deposit Free Spins
As you have probably already guessed, a deposit free spin is given when you make a deposit with an online casino. These are much more common than their no deposit counterpart. Deposit Free Spins are often called Bonus Spins or Extra Spins.

Promotional Free Spins
Some online casinos will award free spins to existing players to reward them for wagering a certain number of times or to promote new games and other promotion worthy changes to the site. We have seen casinos that give players free spins on their birthday, and some casinos give out free spins on certain days of the week. Sometimes they give spins out at random or place players into a draw to see who wins them.

In Game Free Spins
These are the free spins that you will encounter most often. You know, land three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and unlock the bonus game? They are very common in online slots, but we have seen variations in all casino games. It is basically a free turn. They are called free wagers in table games, but you get the point it is a bet that doesn’t cost money.

The amount of free spins that you are awarded varies from game to game – 6, 10, and 12 – are the most common increments that free spins are offered in. Some games will give you more spins if you land scatters, and others will allow you to re-trigger the free spins game. All of this should be checked in the online slot's paytable before you start playing the game.

Free spin games tend to differ from base gameplay. The slot developer will often do something like include a multiplier, sticky wild, expanding reels, or some other bonus feature to make the game mode more exciting than typical base gameplay. The game can look different than the base game, and this is very common with themed games that often use the free spins game to further the theme.

Spin Value
Free spins will typically have a value between 0.01p and £1. This is determined by the online casino, and it can also be effected by the game that you choose to use the free spins on. The most common games that free spins can be wagered on are NetEnt online slots. This is because the NetEnt software allows for online casinos to configure their own free spins. Starburst, and Warlords are two games that you will play a lot of your free spins on. Online casinos will often change the spin value on each game. For example, an online casino that awards 100 Spins on Starburst at 10p spin value might offer 10 Spins on Warlords at £1 spin value.

There are also mega spins that are higher value spins given out as promotional or bonus spins. You won’t be given as many of them as you would regular free or bonus spins, but the winnings will be significantly larger because of the higher stake they are played at. They are often called mega spins. The name is determined by the online casinos and normally have a value of £1 per spin or more.

Turnover Requirements
If the online casino gave you free spins, as soon as you signed up to their site, and didn’t enforce turnover requirements, there would be nothing stopping you from wagering them and leaving after your first win. But in most of the cases they have a turnover or wager requirement before you can make a withdrawal. Basically, this means that you need to wager the value of the the free spins multiple times before you can withdraw your winnings. A typical turnover requirement for the after registration free spins is between 50x to 100x and for the deposit free spins between 20x to 50x. Wager is just another way of saying a bet. In this context it means that you need to bet everything you win from the free spins again and again until you meet the turn over requirements.

You definitely want to consider wager requirements before signing up to a casino for their free spins. Some online casinos will offer incredibly generous free spin bonus and promotions, but then they may set unrealistic turnover requirements. We recommend you to read our review for each online casino to find out the turnover requirements.

Expiration Period
Online casinos will often impose an expiration period on the free spins that they award to casino players. Typically, it is between 7 – 30 days for the free spins after registration and 30 – 90 days for the free spins after deposit. Almost all online casinos will impose these terms, so you need to find out how long you have to use your free spins. Another thing to watch out for is that if you don’t withdraw your winnings within a specific time frame, the online casinos will sometime forfeit everything you won from free spins. Usually that time frame is the same as the expiration period.

Capped Winnings
Did you land the big one with your free spins call everyone you know and tell them to pack a bag, then return to your computer to find you are over a win cap? Yes, some online casinos set limits to what you can win with your No Deposit Free Spins.

How to Get Free Spins
Unlocking free spins starts with research. Some casinos really like to give them away, while others favor different forms of promotion. You won’t need to look hard to find out how many spins a casino is giving away. You will easily find the casino that offer free spins here at New Casinos. If you are serious about getting as many free spins as you can, then check our top list right here.

Join More Than One Online Casino
To take advantage of the promotions and bonuses offered in this highly competitive industry you need to sign up to a few online casinos. The good sites will have regular promotions, and if you are on more sites you get more promotions. Take the time to work out how you are going to spread your bank roll around the sites that you are a member off. There are minimum amounts that you have to deposit to be eligible for promotions, so you need to make sure that you are still meeting these thresholds while you spread your balance onto multiple sites.

Become a VIP
If you can, become a VIP on as many online casinos as you can. Find the Top VIP Loyalty Programs right here. The top rated online casinos will reward their VIPs with free spins among other rewards.

Payment Method Bonus
Online casinos will often offer promotions, like free spins, for players that deposit with an online payment method. Using Skrill, Neteller, or one of the other countless online payment methods might get you some extra free spins or it might disqualify you from all bonuses. They have a love hate relationship with these e wallet payment methods.

Promotion Codes
There are all kinds of promotion codes that when entered into and online casino grant you free spins. So make sure you are not forgetting to mention them.

We hope that this guide will help you in your search for free spins. A great way to scout the best free spins bonuses and promotions is by using New Casinos’ reviews. Take a look at the site to learn which online casinos are worth your time. The key is to regularly visit our site and to register at our email list.