10 hidden features of online casinos

Tyler Durden

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Jul 2, 2016
Over the years, players tried to get the best out off online casinos by using many complex and inventive gambling strategies. On the other hand, online casinos try to attract you to play with vivid layouts, memorable tunes and lip smacking bonuses.


Playing online games can be a fabulous experience, but think about this: if you sum up all the numbers on the Roulette wheel (1 to 36) you obtain 666, the mythological number frequently linked to Satan!

Here are 10 facts about online casino world:
  1. The primary online casino was launched in 1996 but ever since many of them come and vanished quicker than the click of a mouse. Still they are very well-liked and when “online casinos” was typed into Google it came up with more than 34 million results at that time. Impressive, isn't it?
  2. If we analyze the land based casinos, we observe that online gambling is more advantageous. You don’t have to travel, being eligible to play at an online casino at a click of a mouse. You don't have to wear dressy clothes, you can gamble even in you pajamas. You can play any time and anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.
  3. In 1996, the first year of online gambling, approximately 17 million dollars were gambled. By 2000 this had increased to over 3 billion dollars. Now, researchers illustrates that more than one trillion dollars are wagered at online casinos.
  4. Almost every online casino buys their games software from only a handful of software providers like, Microgaming, Cryptlogic, Starnet, iCrystal and Boss. Nevertheless they look very different, having unique graphic features. Most of these businesses have their software tested for arbitrariness by Price Waterhouse Coopers, an esteemed, autonomous examiner.
  5. Recently, about 1700 online casinos were estimated. Although managing an online casino is more resourceful than running a land based casino, it does not mean that online casinos are easier to run. Considering the tight competition between them, we might re-evaluate the situation, observing the constant struggle in the gambling market, where every corporation is trying to provide better services and products for the player. This is good, because if you don't enjoy the experience of one online casino, there is always another one, and another one…and another one. Just take your time.
Online casinos provide the standard games that we can play at almost any land based casinos. The most popular online games are:

  1. Because of the stiff competition, online casinos are constantly trying to innovate the gambling world, with diverse online games, sophisticated graphics and advanced security systems.
  2. The impact of this intense competition can be observed in the online casinos bonuses. There are many types of bonuses, like sign up bonus or first deposit bonus. These bonuses usually counterpart a percentage of the player's deposit, but approximately all sign up bonuses necessitate a minimum quantity of wagering money before the bonus can be cashed out.
  3. From a financial point of view, how does an online casino prosper? Of course the casino makes money because it has an edge advantage for each game. For instance the casino has around a 0.63% edge for blackjack, 2.7% for single zero Roulette, 1.4% edge for Craps, at least a 1.17% edge for Baccarat and an impressive 25 to 29% advantage for Keno!
  4. What is a fraudulent online casino behavior? Usually takes the form of delaying withdrawals in the logic of making the players to continue gambling until the casinos win the money back. In several rare cases, the casino's software cheated by producing non random dealings. But, if the online casino has a famous and verified software provider, this is less likely to happen. Many casino portals uphold a blacklist of these fraudulent online casinos.
  5. A recent research initiated by Virgin Money discovered the fact that British people gamble around 5 billion pounds a year on online casinos and that 93% of the asked people who had access to the internet sustained that they wagered at an online casino. The study also revealed that although the average British player wagers 10 to 20 pounds while gaming online, the important source is in London with one in ten players wagering from 300 to 500 pounds.

Considering that you have improved your knowledge about online casinos, you can simply make up your mind. So, the issue relies on the words of Shakespeare "To gamble or not to gamble, that is the final question?"


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