This german slot player started as poker streamer. We like his stream a lot especially because of the fact that he works as financial advisor. This guy has balls and class… and nice overlay

Shirox1980 F.A.Q.
  • Where are you from? - Germany
  • When do you Stream? - Whenever i have time! Mostly 18-22:00 German Time (UTC +1).
  • What do you Stream? - I Stream mostly Casino, Poker, World of Tanks and Diablo 3 but of course other Games too.
  • How long do you Play Poker? - Around 5 Years (2005-2010) then i had a long Break
  • Do you play Casino / Poker for a living? - No i still have a Job as financial Advisor.
  • Work - I mostly do property loans and building savings contracts. Ich bin hauptsächlich in Bayern tätig und mache Bausparverträge und Immobilienfinanzierungen.
You need to follow the Channel to win anything! 2 Accounts are not allowed!

20000 --> Special Stream

25 Multiplier Table (Poker)
up to $500*

Bankroll (Poker)
$1000 --> $20

There is Raffles for everyone on specific Casinos or sometimes exclusive Raffles only for those using my Banner!

You can request a Slot for 300 Points if i hit 100x multiplier you get Points back at 250x double the Points and at 500x you get 5% up to 100€ (200€ subs)! For 2500 Points you can buy 5% share up to 250€ (500€ subs) of current Session (only possible in first 30min. max 500€ start and no 500x happend! Wager left needs to be atleast 10x Balance). For 2500 Points you get Three 5€ Spins on your Slot choice where every win above start Balance is yours up to 100€ (200€ Subs)! You also need Points to join Raffles and buy Tickets!

Just watch the Stream to find out what the next Sidegame could be!

Profi (Slots)
Sometimes if i finish a Day with atleast 200€ Profit and the Wager is done i Roll 5% to a viewer/follower! (50€ max. and subscriber 100€ max.!)

Total Giveaways since 2. December 2014:
8.800,00€ Cash!

*Whenever i hit a Table on Stream with an multiplier of 25 or higher and win i will Roll 2,5% of winnings up to $500 to an subscriber only. You should have a Pokerstars Account or Paypal. For every Top 3 Jackpot Table i win i roll $10 to an follower/viewer too.