How did Casino Daddy start, and how did you get into casino streaming?
We have been watching streams on Twitch since they launched the site in 2011. We have been affiliates of different poker brands since early 2007 and we saw the online casino market was growing fast. It all started with a common interest in gambling and video games between the three of us, and we have always thought it was much more fun to share the excitement and feelings while playing together. When we found the “Casino Games” section on Twitch and saw that it was a fairly new community we thought it was a great opportunity to share the fun we have together with people of similar interests around the world. We thought “Let’s try to help the community grow!”.

What’s your favourite slot?
Mathias favourite’s slot is ‘Invisible Man’, because he has been really lucky on it with double bonuses and huge wins. He has also fallen in love with the game provider GameArt.

Erik’s favourite slot is ‘Faust’ by the provider Novomatic. He likes the thrill of playing high volatile slots, which many of the Novomatic games are.

Anton´s favourite slots are ‘Raging Rhino’, ‘Montezuma’ and ‘Book of Ra’ by the providers WMS and Novomatic respectively. If you want to play high volatile slots then you should really try those out!

How do you select which casinos you work with?
We put in a lot of time to research the casino to see if it is a trusted and legitimate brand before we promote them. We always try to negotiate exclusive deals with the brands we choose to partner up with and we also have a website where we collect all the brands that we do deals with, here you can find all our casino bonuses. We always want to give something back to our viewers when we negotiate with a new casino, in the last four months we have had cash-raffles and giveaways with prizes amounting to over €6000, mainly paid by the casinos.
We are also providing our viewers help with any questions and problems regarding the casinos we promote.